Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Discovering myself through Laadli…

Laadli… This word has come to signify different phases of my life over the years. At home I was the “Ghar ki Laadli” – loved and pampered by everyone around. I’ve always been the “Laadli” at my workplace too, most of the times, as I have been the youngest one around. And now here’s “Laadli” – fighting the case against female foeticide, something that has come to occupy a place very close to my heart.

All my research on female foeticide over the past couple of weeks have been so disturbing… and then with me seeing this video… the whole picture of about women as seen by the society has suddenly become so warped for me. And the more I see this video, the stronger the discomfort gets.
All those who really care, please take a look at the video and speak up against it. We really need to understand the true picture and change things from what they are now.

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