Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playing the Mother's role...

I must write about a small incident that happened at work today. We had gathered to have lunch, when a senior colleague of mine started talking about her son. She told us that her son had been showing symptoms of behavioural problems at school. His teacher had reported that he had suddenly started doing certain things which were quite unlike him and had indicated that he probably needed more tending to.

My colleague said that ever since she had been feeling extremely guilty and was thinking about quitting. On second thoughts, she wanted to be working as well, probably be engaged with something light, for a couple of hours on the weekdays, that would afford her more time with her son.

I have been thinking ever since that such is a mother – who would not think twice before quitting an extremely well paying job to be with her child. But do we respect her for this decision? Do we ever understand what a great sacrifice it is? Instead we take these things for granted and come up with something like “it’s not a sacrifice – she’s just doing what a mother should do!”

We have gotten so used to taking the contribution of women in our lives for granted that sometimes they just cease to be individuals. They are more of a prototype whose fate it is to suffer certain things. What would the world be like, if tomorrow, women stop prioritizing their duties and family? Well, maybe we’ll get to see such a world soon – not because women will stop being selfless, but because there will be no women left!!

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