Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Will you let this happen to your unborn baby angel?

I caught a quick repeat show of Ice Age yesterday, this time of course with a special friend! I just had to share the “Peaches” experience with him… and he loved her as well! Now I’m sitting at my work desk, writing this entry in the 1st breather that I’ve been able to catch. I just came across a couple of ads which hit me even in the midst of the “Peaches” euphoria – everyday phenomena that we often seem to take as a way of life.

Are girls always to be confined to the typical roles that society has meted out to them? Why should Sita be doing the chores while Ram enjoys a hearty meal?

Why should education be a prerogative of the male child? Why can’t the name read “Aarti” instead of “Akash”?

Look at the tilt in balance. Does it bother you as a thinking individual?
Killing the unborn female foetus is tilting the balance further still…. The foetus that you are destroying today could be your source of strength tomorrow. All she needs is just a chance.
Refrain from female foeticide and stop others around you! Believe it or not… you vote counts. Take that step and log on to log on to http://www.laadli.org/ or sms LAADLI to 575758 to pledge your support.

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