Friday, July 10, 2009

Killing the female foetus – the worst form of gender discrimination

The last couple of weeks have been grueling. I have always loved travelling and meeting people, but I never thought that meeting people would open up such a dark side of the society. Just take a look at these facts –
Repeated abortion adversely affects the sexual and reproductive health of the women.
Sex selection and subsequent abortions adversely impact the mental health of women. They are laden with guilt for inability to produce a son. And it is none other than their family members who force this sense of guilt upon them.
Reducing number of girls, increases dependence on men
Shortage of women escalates incidents of:
– forced abduction, kidnap of girls
– trafficking for marriage
– sex slavery, flesh trade
– forced polyandry (Panchali system, Modern Draupadis)
– swap marriages (Aata -Saata)
– sexual violence
Sex selection is a medical ethics/ malpractice issue. Speak up against it. Log on to log on to or sms LAADLI to 575758 to pledge your support.

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