Sunday, June 28, 2009

I’ve been keeping really busy over the past week. Today’s a little light and so I thought I’d update my blog. I’ve been researching the issue of female foeticide lately and the more I look at the real figures, the more disturbing the picture gets.

There are several places in rural India where the figures for the girl child are dwindling at an alarming rate. Female foeticide is rampant for social and economic reasons. The girl child is viewed as a burden for the family and the male child is given preference in every aspect. It is completely repulsing to see this.

On one of my many trips for covering the female foeticide story, I came across Laadli. Laadli is an organization fighting the cause of saving the female child. It’s launched this nationwide campaign against female foeticide. It was really reassuring to see the people working for the campaign. I interacted with quite a few of them and they seemed to genuinely believe in the cause. It is so important to believe in what one does, for only then can they pass on that zeal and conviction to the others around. I’ve believed in my instincts all my life and something in me tells that this campaign is going to be really successful. This is one cause that I hold very close to my heart and let’s see how I can help Laadli in my own small way to get those million signatures that it’s aiming for.

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