Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do men need help?

There is a growing feeling among the urban working woman that she is coming under the ‘male glare’ increasingly. The situation should have improved with the increasing number of laws being passed in favour of women and the growing number of organizations coming up, calling out loud for women’s rights. But a closer look would reveal a very different picture.

While we feel that a growing number of legislations and women’s rights organizations would make us safer, we don’t realize that the sudden splurge in these activities indicates at something darker. The number of atrocities on women being reported is on a steady rise, not to forget the numerous incidents of violence that happen everyday, but don’t get reported.

It probably also reveals a lopsided attitude that men have towards women. Their notion of a woman is still guided by and confined to medieval parameters. The woman is still probably a piece of property, who is passed on from one man to another. And anyone who dares to defy this notion makes herself available to the public censure. Men feel they have the right to grope such a woman visually and physically.

Laws in the country should not only empower women but also look to rescue men trapped in a medieval mindset. The current scenario is pushing them further into the defensive, whereby they would tend to reciprocate with increased violence.

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