Friday, July 24, 2009

Yet another act of cowardice...

New and more shameful atrocities on women never seem to stop. Little did I know, when I was writing the entry yesterday, that I would be coming back to discuss another act of perversion today. All of you must have by now read, heard or seen the incident of a woman being molested in full public glare in Patna.

The most disturbing and shameful part of the incident for me was the silent crowd, which stood there witnessing the whole incident. Did no one feel that the act was wrong in every possible way and that it needed to be stopped? Whatever the woman might have been by profession (in this case, she was a prostitute if sources are to be believed), no one has the right to publicly molest a fellow human being like that!

Standing quietly as a spectator and not raising a voice is equally pathetic and reprehensible as doing the act itself. We live in a civil society, which is defined as a collection of human beings living together and abiding by certain laws, norms and conditions which may be written or unwritten. Which law in a civil society gives a person the right to strip another fellow being of her dignity?

Is this what men consider as “mardangi”? Is there someway in which men can be rescued from this trap of an exaggerated notion of manliness, where they think that just because they are men they can do as they will with women?

Do you feel the same way as me? Please raise your voice and take a stand against these acts of gross injustice. Please join me in my march.

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