Sunday, June 21, 2009

My blog, my space

Hi there… to everyone who chances to go through this page. Everyone’s blogging nowadays and to some it’s become quite clichéd and boring. But I quite like it - like an old t-shirt that's boring, but you cannot throw it away for the life of it. Blogs are your space, where you get to be yourself without people necessarily getting all judgmental about you. You agree? This is probably because the ideas expressed in a blog don’t get associated with a known face. Many people shy away from being themselves just because they have an image to live up to. And blogs do away with this image factor.

Writing this blog was quite a ‘spur of the moment’ thing. I’m sitting alone after a tiring Sunday afternoon of trying to ‘settle down’ in my newly rented 1 room apartment. And I just had this urge to connect to people who I’ve never met, total strangers, who might have been busy all afternoon doing something quite similar to what I have been doing.

I am, to use a very hackneyed expression, very much your girl next door. I’ve just moved to Mumbai a couple of months back with a new job and am still trying to fit in. Must tell you, it’s a sea change from how life is at Dehradun – that’s my hometown. It’s not that I don’t have friends out here, but living alone is quite a deal! Thank god, atleast I have a job in a media house that keeps me insanely busy. It really works to keep boredom away:) Anyway, will chat up later – someone’s just rung the doorbell!

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