Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fight against extinction!

Some of our fellow creatures are facing extinction from the face of the Earth...

Save the Tiger!

Save the Polar Bear!

Save the Leopard!

Save the girl child!!!

She needs all your help to survive the battle of extinction. Spare a moment to pledge for her. Log on to www.laadli.org or SMS LAADLI to 575758. Please lend her a helping hand!

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  1. I have saved my daughters from being
    killed by my husband and in laws during my pregnancy I, got married on 28th November 2004. I became pregnant in Jan 2005. A ultrasound conducted in 6th week of pregnancy showed that I was carrying
    twin babies. Then my mother in law started demanding sex determination. I
    and my parents tried resisting it
    My in laws and husband got that done by deception. They knew I was allergic
    to egg. The fed me egg laden cake, telling me that it was egg less. I
    developed allergic manifestations in the form of stomach ache, loose motions
    and vomiting. Next morning my husband took me
    to hospital, which was not the same from where I was undergoing my ante
    natal tests. He and his mother accompanied me. I was admitted to the labour
    room. The gynaecologist advised K.U.B (Kidney, ureter, bladder).ultrasound,
    but the radiologist did the foetal ultrasound and asked me to get up and go.
    I pointed out to him, that gynaecologist has ordered K.U.B. So than the
    radiologist again asked me to lie down and did the K.U.B examination.
    After this incident my husband and in laws started demanding that I get an
    M.T.P. My mother in law asked me many times to at least get one child killed
    in utero. I was kept without food and water. My husband was totally
    ignoring me turned me out of the house at 10.p.m. in the night
    My father in law intervened and asked my husband to let me
    stay the night, and morning he could send me to my parents.
    On 17 May 2005, after one such verbal abuse I
    developed bleeding and threatened abortion, I was not even allowed to call
    up my parents for medical help. I managed to call up my father in the
    morning. After much persuasion by my father, my husband agreed to take me to
    the nursing home, but he drove too rashly on the entire drive Thrice they tried to kill me or at least get me aborted after
    which my father brought me back to my parent's home.
    My mother in law told me that two daughters would be a big burden on them,
    and that I should give one of them up for adoption, get them aborted, or at
    least one of them killed.
    My in laws and husband hardly ever accompanied me for antenatal tests or
    hospital visits after they came to know I am carrying daughters. My mother
    did all that. My husband would frequently fight with me even in my parents’
    house .He demanded D.N.A test because his mother had told him that some
    priest had told them that he would be father of one son only. As I am
    carrying two daughters, they cannot be his children.
    Despite all this tensions, I delivered two-pre term daughters on
    11/08/2005.My in laws never visited me for full 9 days. Then my sister in
    laws, my mother in law, and my father in law came to visit me. One of my
    aunts congratulated my sisters in law. They said "God forbid, we ever become
    bhuas of girls again" .My mother in law said, "Anyway, they are born in
    seventh month so they are not going to survive anyway".